Projects and Aims01

Centre of Excellence

We are building a Centre of Excellence. This will accommodate:

  • Reception
  • Club/social area
  • Restaurant
  • Large hydrotherapy pool
  • Smaller one to one physiotherapy pool
  • Multi purpose gymnasium / sports hall
  • Changing rooms
  • Storage space
  • Upstairs offices

02It is intended that this centre will provide facilities for up to three specialist sports and a number of indoor sports. Planning Permission has been granted.

The Sussex Lantern Charity continues to move forward to meet the needs, aspiration demand of a modern society.

Throughout the 2012 Olympics and ParaOlympics we heard quoted many times “sport is not only about “Faster”, “Stronger”, “Higher”.

We believe it is also about overcoming limitations, extending the physically possible, improving the health and well-being of blind, partially sighted and disabled people. This support has an extraordinary psychological benefit towards expanding the individuals capability, their aspirations, and helps them achieve beyond what they thought possible.

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